7 Rules Of Fearless Trader – Trading Psychology

7 Rules Of Fearless Trader – Trading Psychology
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Fairless Trader Along with such rules which are there in every profitable trade, there is  a discipline in trading and  if these rules are inside you then  congratulations in advance because you are going to  make a very strong trade but if even  one of these rules is not inside you then  it should  Develop another way:

You know it  but you still don’t follow it or you  don’t know how. In both cases, there is going to be a big  problem because no  trade can be made without enrollment or is it a universal rule?

This is not my rule, it is universal.  There is a doctor whom everyone has to follow,    so let’s start with the first rule which is there in a  fearless trade, give no  where you exit before entry, call every pro  trade, call it fearless trade, whatever you  name it, give it to them in advance. 

Know  where to exit before entry, but a  beginner trades entry first. There is  relief while roaming, where to place stop losses. If you  also come to my YouTube Live where we  set up together, then you will notice one thing. 

Every Fair Less Trader

Fairless Trader Whether something happens or not, we have a  ready stop loss first, we first  plan the stop loss and then  look at the target, but a beginner  never trades like this, he takes the trade late, after  that he goes and comments. 

Let’s find out  where we can take out from here,  this support has also been broken, the  support below has also been broken, then it should be there,  not stopping at this, the moving average is also broken,  what should I do, the moving average of 15 is set, I am late, the  moving average of 25 is set.  Let me  trade with this type but a professional trader  always knows in advance where he has to  exit. Before taking the entry, the second  most important rule which is  there in every fair less trader is that he knows  how much he can lose.

  divided into  profitable

Fairless Trader Those who are going to give no  match, give bill loss, they know  how much money they will lose, whether there is profit or  loss, even if they do not make profit plan, they make  profitable trades but losses always plan, that is why they are divided into  profitable.  See all these points I will give you.  That’s why I am  not telling you that you are worried, there are  no rules, everything can develop inside me,  now work hard, I am just  telling you the path where to go, then  see if your mind gets traded for psychology, is  n’t it technical? 

Do you also know that  this level has lows? 1:65 1:17 We  create history. We do not take trades in YouTube.  Okay, they know it. So a  fearless trade always knows how much  loss it is going to make. That’s why I do it.  The  third point that we are going to make is that they are  never surprised. They know the  fast and best scenarios as well. They are already aware of  what could be worse than the worst. That’s why    I entered this trade.  What has happened here is that the  worst thing that can happen is that  my stock plus is lying on the support, I will  exit it in the system, see what happened just 2  days ago, I was in live when I shoot,  see, the date is a different relief, you load a different date. 

commented earlier also,

The  suit happens on a different date, the upload happens on a different date,  so we had an ongoing trade,  look at the Nifty option of 65, then  after that the point comes again and again, we have to  hall it tomorrow, what about a day before?  I remembered  that this guy had commented earlier also,  where I had told him.  He  said that this is topless at 115,  I have trained stop loss at 1 so, then  how did people put this option at 80, after that the  guy again comments, I caught it that  yes, he is not putting stop loss, he is just  thinking.  I said, look, take  any trade, take a stop loss of two or three points, we trade  like this, no matter what your  trading style is, you take whatever stop  loss you take.

 market in advance,

If you do  not know the fast scenarios, then disaster is going to happen. You will    not have normal losses. If you do not know  how much you can lose in trading, then  you will lose more in trading than you  can even dream of.  In one day, in 10 days,  you earn money for eight days, people  work for you, I also lose money for nine days, it is better than wasting one day.      Don’t give anything that can surprise the market in advance, it could not surprise you, the  market is negative. 

In positive things,  if the market is surprising you, give  full space to the market for it. In negative things,  create certainty in everything from the market.  A peerless trade is never a surprise.  Taking a train from outside the market  is a different thing. Swing trading.  It is a different matter,  today the bike or tomorrow the gap door opened against him  but in intraday  no professional trade is a surprise,  I am never surprised, I  know where I am going to enter, I  know where I am going to exit. 

happens in fearless theater

If  I know how much is the stop loss, I    am ready to give that stop loss to the market and in return, if the market  gives me a target, then I am ready to take that target.  Otherwise, I know all the  scenarios and the best.  How can one never  know the best scenario? Aap Chauth, which is the most  important rule, happens in fearless theater.  Dev Fox on Learning Why do  you become the best version of yourself? They work  hard to  become the best version of themselves.

 Fair But now if you  ask me, if I tell you for genuine, do  not hit any ISP filter, then  when I was not doing YouTube live, then I was  not doing so well in performance. I knew that  yes, it is fine. 1:51 612 7 Have  also given on Telegram.  1:10 12 Avoid the link of fake telegram. It    is okay to go through the link in the description otherwise many people have  created a wrong channel inside it. I have  a lot of followers, I don’t know how and he  is asking for money from you. Listen back you  D.  Topic: When I came live, people  think that I came into life for them, then that is a  misunderstanding. I have come into life for myself. I have  come live to become the best version of myself.  Okay, I make the video for you.

  high level of performance

Fearless Trader Secondary Primary, I make it for myself.  I find the stock for you, I  find the secondary primary for myself, in this  way every airlift trailer,  call it prod rudder, whatever name you want to give, they always keep  trying to become their best version. Had  seen in the video of Ghanshyam Tech.  3:30 years ago today one of the words of Ghanshyam ji who  trades in Bank Nifty  clicked in my mind. He was saying  that it is 2.5 pm, I am  making a video of tonight, it is okay and do  not have this misunderstanding. 

Fearless Trader That I am making this video for you, I am  making this video for myself  and today I say that  why did I say there that I am making that video not for you, but for  myself, when you take a  trade, I have to give you only one thousand rupees.  Man, 500  people are watching, are you understanding what level of  analysis you have to do, what level of thinking, what  level of high level of performance you have to do,  when will that happen, for this you always have to cross a new  level, okay  we are on Telegram MaaLo used to discuss  date, we have gone live one step ahead of that,  okay,

every fearless trade

I have also shown you the traits and  shared them, every fearless trade always  increases its comfort zone,  does not break the comfort, it increases it,  straightens it a-  How does a label move  forward? By focusing on learning. Learn  from the right source. Learn from the  mistakes of others. Coins from  videos .  Wherever learning is found, in Right Sources the  maximum is from oneself. 

Fearless Trader Only you will learn that banda will  accumulate, we will finish it in chata point, we will  not tell the seventh rule because the  video ends, you will  write to me and tell me the seventh rule, the chata roll that is  going to happen is going to be the deepest,  whoever understood this thing, understand.  76% of that trade has been  made, okay, 30% is left, that is,  every fair list  protrader knows what mistake he is making  and what is its solution. Beginner  traders do not know these things, they  think that  Like I just came yesterday, a little  while ago, there is a guy from Bihar who has been  trading for the last 10 days. Tell me sir, I will  buy your courses.

mental  program

fearless Trader I said, you  will buy the courses right now. Now you have just placed  short positions in the stock market and  When I had a mental  program, the issue was that after walking 10-20 kms,  till you  go all around, then keep it low, first learn the famous ones,  after that come to me, he said that there is a  course for ₹ 40000, you will learn it  after that.  We will be able to earn so much money from there. He said,  look, I am telling you the truth,  no one needs any course, I too do  not need a course, it is okay with you if you are  tweeting for 10 days, 15 days,  start now, year is dead year. 

Fearless Trader This is how  your life is going to be, those who have been trading for a long time will  know this. Write in the comment that you people should  first know that some mistake is happening,  you should first know what the problem  is, they said supporter resistant,  learn first and then  On the failure of support resistance,  people get emotional and go back to the  topic. A fearless  trader always knows that if I am  making a mistake in a trade, I know  what mistake I am making and what can be the solution for it. 

running after technicalities

Fearless Trader If you know the mistake then only there  can be a solution. If you  don’t know about the mistake then what solution will you apply?  All these points which I have said, I am  telling you from real experience, it is very  deep that you are running after technicalities, Fearless Trader at what  level of technicality will you become? One 5060 is that.  I am sitting like that, I am fine, after that I am telling you  that this thing is very deep. Look, now the  seventh point has to be told to you by commenting,  but I will tell you one thing  that the aim is not to end the fair, whether the fair comes  or not.

 Fearless Trader It will not end completely. Do  not follow this misconception that if I  say fearless, it does not mean that  you will not get fair in your life. You will not  feel scared before taking any trade. It means that you have learned  how to manage the fair.  Let it  come then let it come Great yes ho is a  big enemy Have to stay back from it  Comment seventh point See you  in the next important video  Telegram’s own telegram link is  in the description Follow it  someone on the telegram inside it  Have joined  Stock Learners so let’s understand.  


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