BEST Trading View Indicator for Day Trading GOLD!

BEST Trading View Indicator for Day Trading GOLD!
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I achieved an 85% success rate in my gold day trades this week, resulting in a profit of over $113,000. I attribute this success to the Gold Sniper free trading view indicator, which guides when to buy and sell. I’ve developed a comprehensive gold trading strategy around this indicator to enhance traders’ profitability. Let’s delve into the details of how I accomplished this.

I primarily use the M5 time frame for analysis and the Gold Sniper indicator by Astro Hub. The indicator places green bars for buying signals and red bars for selling signals on the chart. Backtests have shown a remarkable 85.29% success rate over 102 total trades.

In the live trades, I illustrate my approach to trading with the Gold Sniper. For instance, in the first trade of the week, I identified recent market structure and price action, crucial for quick day trading and scalping. Analyzing the basic market structure, I set up my stop-loss above the marked support. The red signal appeared, indicating a selling opportunity. The trade quickly hit my take profit, aligning with the recent price levels.

Market Structure

In another example, I targeted higher levels based on previous price action. Analyzing the trend line and the transition from sell signals to buy signals, I anticipated a bullish momentum. By combining the Gold Sniper signals with an understanding of recent price action and market structure, I managed to secure profitable trades.

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The First Trade

Let’s begin with the first trade. I refrained from going long until the market structure was broken. However, I identified a consolidation at a specific level, waiting for a breakout and a corresponding alert from the Gold Sniper. Once the green signal appeared, indicating a buying opportunity, I entered the trade. The outcome was a $3,700 profit. Notably, my stop-loss was strategically placed below the range where I expected the breakout to signal a continued upward movement.

Moving on to another example, I chose to initiate a sell trade based on the presence of red signals from the Gold Sniper. Despite an initial move in my favor, the trade reversed and hit my stop-loss, resulting in a loss of approximately $1,600.

Reflecting on this, I acknowledged that setting a breakeven point or using a safer stop-loss placement could have mitigated the loss. It’s a reminder that not every trade needs to aim for high-risk reward ratios; playing it safe with one-to-one ratios is a viable strategy.

The last trade was particularly significant, representing the largest profit of the week. Analyzing the 4-hour timeframe, I observed a shift from bearish to bullish sentiment in the gold market due to global uncertainties, such as the Israel-Hamas conflict. Leveraging this information, I anticipated a buying opportunity. The trade resulted in two winning positions, earning me $8,000.

To summarize, the Gold Sniper strategy, combined with an understanding of recent price action and market structure, has proven highly successful in my gold day trading endeavors. I encourage you to consider implementing these strategies in your trading journey.

As always, I appreciate your support, and I’ll be back next week with more insights to help us all make profitable trades. Much love!


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