High Accuracy Trading with Small Losses

High Accuracy Trading with Small Losses
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Today’s trading recap resulted in a green day, with a total profit of $2,793. However, the day didn’t feature any significant winners. The small account challenge, detailed in episode two, showcased substantial growth, starting with $1,000 and finishing day five at around $2,400, yielding a $1,400 profit.

In today’s larger account trades, the focus was on stocks exhibiting less-than-optimal price action. The leading gapper had only a 38% increase, which received a score of two on a scale of one to ten. The market seemed to be in a bit of a cold stretch, with lower scores in recent days.

The first stock, Spec (SPC), presented some challenges due to low relative volume. Despite making a small profit, the price action was not clean, and the overall trading environment was challenging.

BKYI was another stock with news that popped up on the scanners.

Roma, a Chinese stock that had dropped 80% on the previous day, exhibited unusual price action.

I’m now securing some base hits after yesterday’s red day where I was down $1,200. As mentioned, I faced a decision point and opted to walk away with a small loss, considering it a win. Today, I traded three stocks, locking in $2,700 in profits. With this, I’ve recovered yesterday’s loss, and my account is at all-time highs.

While I may have missed some opportunities on Roma, I followed my rules and avoided potential losses. The market is currently a bit slow, but I see small opportunities each day. I don’t feel the need to be overly aggressive and prefer focusing on catching base hits to maintain consistency and live to trade another day.

The overall market showed some volatility, with Bitcoin names performing well amid Bitcoin ETF developments. However, I generally avoid trading cryptocurrencies due to a lack of trust in the sector.

The market reacted to CPI numbers, which came in slightly higher than expected, impacting interest rates and causing fluctuations. Despite the market’s cautious response, I managed to secure green trades, and my account is in good standing.

For those who haven’t checked it out yet, I recommend watching episode 2 of my small account challenge. The link is provided in the video. Additionally, I encourage caution in trading, emphasizing that results may vary, and success is not guaranteed. Trading is risky, and it’s crucial to take it slow, practice with a simulator, and approach it with caution. I’ll be back for the next recap tomorrow.


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