mHow to Manage time for Trading?

mHow to Manage time for Trading?
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manage time for trading

 A student has a question on his mind  as to how to manage time for trading.  Also, a professional, who does job.  ‘How is it.. I am at college all day’.  ‘I am at office all day’.  ‘How do I manage time for trading?’ I will give you the answer for that.  What we mostly do is,  Indian stock market opens at 09:30 and closes at 03:30.  This timing is not suitable for some. 

international market

Even if they could, they are able to give only  little time. They are not able to focus completely.  They face major loss.  There are two ways.  First, shift to international market.  What is international market?  International market is app.  If you go to Exness watch list, there is an option called gold.  The other option is silver.  Crude oil. You will see EUR/USD.  You will see DOW JONES.  If you’re doing 9 to 5 job,  come trade gold.  It happens during evening. 

heavy momentum.

It happens all the time, but during evening,  when US market opens between 07:00 p.m. to 08:00 p.m.  It opens between 07:00 p.m. to 08:00 p.m.  There will be heavy momentum.  There will be movement. We can cash the movement.  You can do that.  You can crude oil trade.  If you’re a student,  you will be busy studying in the morning,  but you will become free by 12:00, 01:00 p.m., it’s London session.  You can trade GBP pairs.  If you’re doing night shift,  you can also trade Indian stock market.  You can also trade Japanese session.  Why don’t we try?  We fear to do new things. We’re unable to explore.  Firstly, we are scared to explore. Secondly, lack of knowledge.  The solution to lack of knowledge is  have a look at all my Forex watch list.  At least try.

stress doing option trading

 manage time I am telling you, don’t get stuck saying, ‘I want to do only option or Nifty’.  Who knows? You might get lucky here.  Lucky in the sense, most of the times,  the stress level would be only this much,  but we take so much stress doing option trading.  Who knows, you might even overcome the stress,  you’re able to manage the losses and profits.  So, make sure you try. 

buy trade straight

manage time I will tell you the solution to lack to knowledge.  Have the look at my Forex watch list.  From new to old.  First, watch the old videos and then go to the old.  You will get so much knowledge that you will very happy.  Firstly, there will be demo account. You’re given free 1 lakh dollars.  Just like paper trading so that buy trade straight.  Do demo trading for a couple of weeks.  Learn the basics. There is an app called meta trader.  Install it and watch all my videos in a couple of weeks.  You’re moving in the right direction.  Some quit job to do trading.  Don’t do that silly mistake.  First, learn. 

international market.

Take your time. Deposit 100 to 200 dollars and try it.  Then, you think about becoming a full time trader.  The best way to manage time is to get into international market.  I hope you’re enjoying the video  that you are watching and getting to learn something.  I have very good information for you. 

funding challenge,

I have started 1 crore rupees funding challenge  in which you can participate. Whether you do crypto trade or  gold trade  or Forex trade or Dow Jones trade. You can trade on price action.  The video about 1 crore rupees funding challenge, don’t miss it.  It will end on Valentine’s Day.  After this video, watch the funding challenge video immediately,  so that you apply.  So that you register.  I will share the link in the description box. 

work in stock market

So, let’s continue the video.  Second, swing trading. If you want to work in stock market,  do swing trading. Search and you will find many strategies.  Make a couple of favorite strategies  and watch the market between 03:00 p.m. to 03:30 p.m. every day.  When the market is about to close,  make your position between 03:00 p.m. to 03:30 p.m.,  but it takes a lot of capital.  Because if you trade a lot in the future,  to short the market,  it takes about 1 to lakh rupees.

swing trading strategies

If you’re able do it,  the option is swing trading.  I have many videos about swing trading strategy.  Watch swing trading strategies  and apply for swing trading, you can do it with less stress.  These are the two options for students and professionals  who are unable to manage time.  The best way to learn trading  is to go with international market. Okay?  All right guys. If you like the video, like it,  if increases the speed of the videos and you can watch more videos easily.  We will meet in the next video. Thank you so much. Bye.  


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