How to Recover from Loss? || Risk Management 

How to Recover from Loss? || Risk Management 
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part of trading

Hello everyone, my name is Anish Singh Thakur. Welcome to this very important video.  Everyone talks about profits, but people don’t prefer talking about loss.  Why? Because it’s painful  and gets into your fearful emotions, won’t enjoy that.  But still it is a part of trading and we will talk about it.  How o recovers from losses?  How to recover?  So today I will talk very deeply about this in this video.   You’ll need to do 4 things to recover from losses, ok?  We need to do 4 things. 

Calling yourself

recover- look,  what I said is that when you start trading after 15 days, you have to give yourself an internship time.   Calling yourself a trader is itself so foolish of you.  You have to say that you are a student,  I am an intern, how much time can you give? You can choose- 1 month 2 month 3 month.  The more time you give, the better for you, but your wish.  I am an intern for one month, I am an intern for two months, I am an intern for three months.  During this 3 months, you have to  make a rule that I’ll cut the trade.  I’ll- I have 1 Lakhs,  but still I’ll knowingly use Rs 20000-30000.  So I hope second point is clear. Math’s, calculation. 

reached trying to recover

recover You can reduce the position sizing, if you can’t then when it’s red for more than Rs 2000, cut it.  Come the next day.  And you come the next day, you’ll not recover at all that day.  Look where you have reached trying to recover.   Third point-psychology.  Your psychology- What is psychology? Thinking.  There’s lot in this chart. I can see this, I can see this, I can see this, 

recover breakout after consolidation

I can see this, it depends on my thought process.  I see a double top here, I see a double bottom here,  here I see a breakout after consolidation.  There’s everything in this, in this example. I don’t know if you can see this clearly or not.  But what is psychology? Where our thoughts go to first of all.  Your thoughts go to pain everyday morning.  “Oh man! I have to recover Rs 2 lakh”,  ” Oh man, I lost Rs 20000 yesterday”, “Oh man I have to recover Rs 2 lakh, Rs 5 lakh”.   Your mood turns off seeing this at the start of every day.

  convert your thought

“Oh man, I lost money”, “Oh man I have to recover money”.  Until your thoughts on recovery don’t go away, nothing can be done.  SO you have to convert your thought to target.  I’ll give you some homework.  You have to simply calculate; you simply calculate the loss you faced till date.  Let’s say for instance a person face a loss of Rs 2.50 lakh.  

 thinks about recovering

This man every day morning thinks about recovering this Rs 2.5 lakh, so I have to make this amount x 2 = make Rs 5 lakh  as the target.  So for the next one year,  what.   Now when I wake up, I won’t think that I have to recover Rs 2.5 lakh.  I’ll think of making Rs 5 lakh.  See, which one is motivational? You tell me.  Option A- recover Rs 2.5 lakh.  Option B- Make a target of Rs 5 lakh and achieve it in one year.

  thinking and emotions

Obviously, this B is attached to positive emotions, I feel great.   So one has to understand this and use psychological factors of positive emotions because thinking and emotions two parts are there – heart and mind,  so both should be aligned.  So you get good feelings about the target  and the mind is right.  So the third one psychology, you have to write down in your copy that “I will make Rs 5 lakh this year  by 2024 June-July”,  I will make as profit Rs 5 lakh.  Obviously this 5 lakh will be Rs 50 lakh for some.  For some it’ll be RS 1 crore.  For some just RS 50000. Does not matter.  That’s all, Ok? Psychology.  I have explained the fourth one- do something different.

someone searching

 Do a course, read a book,  journalize your old order book.  When you do these 4 things in your life, I am telling you, you won’t recover your loss in one day  but I am assuring you that maybe within 3- 4 or 5 months from today, you’ll have recovered your loss.  In fact, you must be reaching your target in one year.  So why not do something different?  Everyone is doing that.  Someone is finding a telegram channel,  someone searching for the people with tips, then trying to follow people on Instagram  who post what to do, buy/sell.  Is anyone doing any live trading in YouTube?  They go to that.  We don’t know if he’s taking that trade on his own but we take that trade instead of him. 

smart and practical trader

When it’s about profit, everyone speaks about it.  But no one talks about making loss.  I have talked here about loss.  If you want to recover loss, no one else can do it for you.  You have to do it yourself.  You have to become a knowledgeable, smart and practical trader for that.   So I hope you got to learn a lot from today’s video.  If you enjoyed then like the video Ok  and tell- I know you are waiting hard for a video named Trading Plan,  I held that video intentionally because I have to add some strategies in that video too. 

similar information but technical

And I am finding some good strategies for you, I have found some by yesterday.  SO very soon the trading plan video is also about to come in which – Now I have taught about loss recovery.  Now we will apply loss recovery and trading plan and it will help a lot.   come on guys, if you enjoyed the video then please like.  And finally, if you open your account in Zerodha  or through Upstox through my link, then our live event happen.  For instance, 15-20 days back a live event took place.  I am planning for one again in some days to do a live end where I will give you similar information but technical.  So make sure- you can apply for that if you open an account through me.

 Life management and trade management,

SO make sure you open your account, Demat account through the link in the description, Ok?  Come on, if you are new to the channel then do subscribe.  A lot of good things appear in this channel like trading related,  business-related and life-related,  on how to become smart in life, stay sharp, how to become a better human being, how to achieve our dreams, everything. 

coming future

Life management and trade management, both of which you can learn in the channel,  make sure you subscribe ad press the notification icon.  Ok, guys thank you so much, I’ll meet you in some other video.  So guys in this bonus part I just wanted to say that whatever your F & O income – whatever losses happened in F&O,  or however much loss you made in your holdings till date, we can manage all that,  you can set off that loss in the coming future.  If you earn through some other business excluding trading,  through house income, even then you can set off those losses.  

enough knowledge

How? Go and watch this video.  And you might think of how to do it, I don’t have enough knowledge,  then my team’s contact- my brother is my CA, I have provided his team’s contact, their WhatsApp number.   You can directly contact them and do all these things.  So make sure to message this number on WhatsApp.  Call, WhatsApp and get all information.  The dates are before 31st July and 30th September for those above Rs 2 crore,  audit report.  But keep 31st July in your mind  and act fast.  Alright guys, if you enjoyed today’s video on how to recover loss,  please share this video with all your friends and like.  What more content do you want? Tell me and I’ll talk in the comments, ok?  Come on, Bubye.  Thank you so much.  


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