How to Recover Loss in Trading? || Truth of Trading

How to Recover Loss in Trading? || Truth of Trading
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 Biggest enemy of traders

loss in trading While losing money you are also losing hope  Because you feel like you’re a bad trader, but you’re not a bad trader  You sometimes take a right trade but still enter because of the option dynamics  So wait, there is a solution  Hello everyone my name is Anish Singh Thakur  and welcome to a very important video  This video I am very…  mean I am making it very seriously  This video is so important, that no other video before this would’ve been this important related to trading    You must’ve seen the name, what name I’ve kept   Enemy of retail traders, Biggest enemy of traders  who is it?  Who’s the enemy?

 forward by managing position

Loss in trading who is it?  Now see I really don’t want you to make a judgement on me according to this video or think of me like I’m against something,  You will not find any of my live trading videos in which I have done above 30%.  I have done a maximum of 20 lakhs, 22 lakhs, 25 lakhs, around 22 lakhs-22 lakhs I have gone.   Above that my hand shivers.  My hand shivers that brother, how will I do it?  So, I cannot.  So, see, I will move forward by managing position sizing, ok? 

I am the person which stops at one stop loss when there have been two stop losses, ok?  I hold the winning trade.  Go and see my live trading video.  So, see, I have spent some time, 4 years, 4.5 years it will be.   Until and unless you get this skill, you cannot do it.   First answer was quit trading, quit option buying.  Stop.  Second is this.  If you know this skill, then only you can do it.  Now, how will we bring this skill? 

sometimes catch a good direction

Let’s come to the solution.  Let’s come to the third point.  What is the solution?  The most important part of this video.  The most positive part of this video.  Beginners, try to understand and rest all can understand.  Let’s start.  Now, what is the solution? Brother, do you know what is required at this time?  Let me tell you.  You must be thinking that money is needed but no, money is not what is needed.  You need hope.  You need hope.

 You need success.  This is a success when you will get it.  You are losing hope by losing the money  because you think you are the worst trader.  But, you are not the worst trader, you sometimes catch a good direction.  Sometimes you take the right trade but due to the dynamics of the option you go in  by saying, sir, it has low capital and so I am doing option buying.  But then, will you extinguish all?  You will extinguish the upcoming one as well?  That is why wait, see, there is a solution which is hope, success, positivity.

  Holding winning trade

When you will feel positive,  when you will say that I am a trader, I can earn money.  Then only you will earn.  Then only you will get to learn these three skills guys.  Holding winning trade, stopping at the stop loss and giving and taking the position sizing.  That will not come like that.  For that you need confidence, you need success.  How will success come?  Success will come by trade.  Now, how does this trade? You just said that we don’t have to trade.  We don’t have to.  

There is a solution guys.   I will tell you in simple words.  Now, all those people who have low capital.  Low capital meaning the people who have less than 50 thousand, less than 1 lakh.  Upto 1 lakh.  Below 1 lakh meaning if it is 10 thousand then also I will assume it to be under 1 lakh.  The people who have below 1 lakh, all of you after today will start equity trading.  Now you’ll say, It is boring.  

listening seriously

See, we are not doing it for money.  How will we recover from equity?  And, this I am telling you, everyone will not be able to do it.  This can be done by that person who is seeing this video,  is listening seriously and saying, “I will do it”.  Listen further,  you will do equity trading.  We will start equity trading for you and you will start the equity trading after 10:30.  You will leave early at 1:30:00 hours.  It is fine if the opportunity goes away  because after this, the success rate gets high up on its own.  After 10:30, the opportunity that you will get price action based,  you will take that,  ok? You will choose the sector according to you.  Still if I should give you a suggestion  then you should aim for the banking sector so that you can master BANK NIFTY.

beginning and need full guidance

 Assume that your training has begun.  This is your free training going on.  I am giving you the rules.  We will take the banking sector.  Not the Bank of Baroda, PNB.  We will consider high cap, high capital, big banks we will take. SBI, HDFC, ICICI,  AXIS, KOTAK that’s it.  INDUSIND ok.  Don’t go further 5-6  so that by tracking BANK NIFTY slowly slowly, you will become a master in movements, ok? 

need full guidance,

So, you will do banking, you can do it in TCS also, no problem.  You can do it in Reliance also.  But, the people who are at the very beginning and need full guidance, you will do in banking.  Time I am telling you  after 10:30 We will use the strategy of VWAP.  We will use this strategy. That’s it.  What will we earn by this?  Not money guys, but success. 

confidence will be collected

My friend, if in a week if your 2-3 targets, 2 stoploss.  Brother, if you make the risk reward ratio of 1:2 then you will be profitable only.  You will say that, “I am earning money”.  Be it coins, it is nothing compared to my loss.  These are pennies  But, who has earned these pennies?  You have.  Confidence will come, confidence will be collected. 

experimental capital

It will be fun.  Slowly-slowly-slowly-slowly we will somehow get the experimental capital.  What are we doing this you know?  We are making experimental capital for the options.  Wait.  Now, the people who have capital now.  The people who have more than 1 lakh, around 5 lakhs, around 10 lakh.  Now, we will do option selling guys.  Don’t worry.  But, sorry to say, we are not going to do an option non-directional.

work by managing

 We are going to do directional option selling.  Meaning we will not be a straddle’s triangle.  We sold the below ones and there are 2 up  or we made a straddle that brother, and seeing the market is sideways.  No,  why?  Because, see, I am joining my hands and with respect to the people who do non-directional option trading,  you guys are awesome.  You are with crores of rupees because you have big capital,  And, with this big capital, you are  taking good risk and doing work by managing.  

  short with hedging

So, option selling guys we will do directional.  Meaning, where we had to buy the call, there we will put short with hedging.  With hedging means?  How does it work?  I will make videos on this and I will share it with you.  So, the people who have capital around 5 to 10 lakhs, we will only do option selling with hedges and we will do this only, ok?  What happens?  When we do this, what will happen?  Your success rate will definitely get high.  Because, when the market went up then also you learnt and if it goes sideways then also you earned.

  passing this many times 

You come in 66% slab.  The ones which were in 36, 3% slab that you got only this and this many times you had to fall.  Now you are passing this many times  if it goes sideways then also no loss, you earned some money.  If it went up then also you earned.  If we go down, meaning directional option selling, not boring, sitting sideways.  I have said the boring word, do not judge.  Everyone has their different-different, so it is fine.  These 2 things we will do.

failure then come again

 Low capital trader, you guys will go Equity trading.  People with good capital, you also do after 10:30. congratulations.  I am only wanting your good.  If you get a failure then come again, do this only and see what will happen.  This thing, I will give an extra point of this.  After doing this also what will happen is you will feel that brother,  might happen that I do option buying by mistake on the 4th day. 

understood my intentions

You will come in so much guilt that how horrible a person I am.  I still have such a good road, still.  Brother forgive yourself, give 2-3 chances.  Again restart.  I will do new equity trading, option selling, I will do this, I will do that.  And like that, do it ok?  Now guys, I hope you enjoyed my video.  I hope you liked it.  I hope you understood my intentions is nothing.  That’s why I will not say,  I will not tell you about any of my surveys.  I will not tell you to open an account in ZERODHA, I will not tell you to do this.  Just share this video to all those people who have lost in their lives, all the people who have entered the market,  all those people whom you care genuinely about in your groups. 

gotten offended by my words

Please send this video.  I am not telling it for my needs, I am telling you for the whole community’s needs.  If someone has gotten offended by my words then please forgive me.  And, all the fellow youtubers which are there nearby, it is our job to protect our community.  We have to earn our own, definitely earn.  Earn through youtube, earn through courses, earn through your trading, earn through everything.  But, you have to protect as well. 

That is why never give advice that is not at all, you will follow.  So, I hope you enjoyed the video guys.  Thank you so much.  Thank you so much.  I will see you in the market analysis video.  Let’s meet up guys.  Thank you so much.  


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