I Tried Andrew Tate’s $49 Crypto Course

I Tried Andrew Tate’s $49 Crypto Course
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The Cryptocurrency Section

I decided to delve into the cryptocurrency section of the Real World, Andrew Tate’s platform. After previously trying out the e-commerce section, I was intrigued to explore the potential of making money through cryptocurrency. The Real World offers various courses, and the cryptocurrency section seemed promising, with instructors claiming to have made millions from crypto.

To access the Real World, I paid $50, and upon entering, I was greeted with a welcome video from Andrew Tate. The platform presents six money-making options, including freelancing, Amazon FBA, copywriting, stocks, crypto, and e-commerce. Opting for the cryptocurrency course, I observed that it had garnered positive testimonials and supposedly successful crypto trades shared by members.

The Real World website displayed a well-designed interface, but caution was advised due to the presence of fake websites copying the Real World. A few channels were accessible within the crypto campus, including announcements and a channel for questions. However, personal mentorship seemed limited. The Crypto Campus comprised 11 tutorial videos that needed to be watched sequentially, with a test required after each video to unlock the next. Access to the entire course was gradually granted upon completing these steps.

As I progressed through the tutorial videos, I noticed that the crypto campus had fewer resources initially than expected. However, unlocking additional content revealed more channels and information. The community within the crypto campus appeared supportive, with members sharing success stories and engaging in discussions.

The Effectiveness

Despite initial concerns about the limited mentorship and sequential unlocking of course material, I began the journey.

The Crypto Campus provided investing signals, and the first signal recommended investing 71% in Bitcoin and 29% in Ethereum..

After 24 hours, my portfolio had increased to $1,032, with both Bitcoin and Ethereum experiencing a 2-3% gain. While the gains were modest, I appreciated that there were no losses at this point.


. Allocating half of my $1,032 portfolio to each, I plan to provide an update on the outcome tomorrow.

On the second day, both Bitcoin and Ethereum experienced a 6% increase, resulting in a portfolio value of $1,094. While I could potentially sell for a $94 profit, I’m inclined to follow one more signal before cashing out. The professor’s latest signal advises a different allocation, warning of potential risks and suggesting a more cautious approach.


After allocating $182 to Bitcoin and $911 to Ethereum, I observed a 2% decline in my portfolio, resulting in a value of $1,073. Despite the loss, I decided to sell for a $73 profit, acknowledging the professor’s caution about potential market downturns.

I reiterated the need to only invest what one is willing to lose.

In the final segment, I explored the strategy of scalping, attempting to make small profits through quick buying and selling. Despite losses amounting to $20, I recognized the challenges of trading and the need for experience and skill. I also mentioned my intention to continue following the investing signals for another week and provide updates on my Patreon.

I concluded by acknowledging the value of the Real World platform, especially its private community and Andrew Tate’s involvement.


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