Learn Forex Trading || Live Trading || Anish Singh Thakur

Learn Forex Trading || Live Trading || Anish Singh Thakur
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Introduction: Setting the Stage for Educational Trading Insights

Forex Trading Hello everyone.  Welcome to a very educational video where you’ll enjoy a lot today  because today in this video along with doing forex trade,  I’ll teach you such a thing on how to hold. Everyone has this doubt- “Sir, when should I hold?”,  “I am not able to hold, I am not able to make much profit”.  In today’s video, I-  How much risk/reward ratio do you usually make?

1:2.  But in today’s video, I dragged it to 1:3.5 in this video  while it was not in my plan.  There are other things too. What all decisions should a trader take in live market?  Are those right or wrong? We have to talk all these things.  So as I am bit busy and all, I made a great format for you and the video’s psychology, technical,  risk management, and live market thinking along with that.

Forex Trading Enhancing Risk/Reward Ratio: A Strategic Shift

 You people commented  that you liked my live market videos because I explain it in detail.  So I will explain in detail too exactly on what all decisions I took in live market which I changed.  And whether it was proved right or wrong, I’ll share all these things.  Come, let’s start today’s video.  Before I start the video, I want to tell you one more thing.

 We are preparing to make more videos for you- How to trade US market? Forex Trading Everyone wishes to learn how to do it, in which, if we could trade in options, how to do it, if we can’t then what’s the alternative,  and on how to do the swing trading.  So look, the trade is still on in on the account,  so I will make more videos for you and show it to you for sure very soon.

Forex Trading So great content coming for all of you,  those who want to trade in the US market, forex market and options too along with that,  all those videos are coming, so make sure you like the video if you liked the effort. Alright guys in today’s video you see USD/CHF – meaning Dollar Vs Swiss pound.  Now we have around 30 candles.  The market falls and 30 candles. DO you know how much is 30 candles in 4hrs?

Forex Trading Live Market Decision-Making: Insights and Outcomes

120 hrs.  If the market stays here for 120hrs, and make support, and if I draw a trendline along with that,  then you’ll see that a breakout appeared in a big 4hr candle.  But I will take you to 15 min timeframe and on support,  when the market gives such a breakout then it’s definitely low confirmation.

 Forex Trading We cannot enter the trade.  I am showing you the setup.  I’ll show you how I dealt the live trade too.  So what was the setup?  Look here,  where I am making the box, it was inverted head and shoulder, breakout appeared and failed.

  Now I made a box there and patiently waited for the market to break it.   We cannot enter with such a cheap setup because such a setup is made everyday, you are a trader, you are not a newbie. Forex Trading Such a setup is seen everyday, thus I waited for such big two candles to be made. 

Forex Trading After these two big candles were made, I activated this trade.  Now we will go here and activate this trade.  The time is about to be 6pm here in the US Market- In the India.  This 6 pm is a very highly successful time.  So what we’ll do is make our position in this USD/CHF. 

Forex Trading Will make alerts very fast in trading view because trading view is very important to me  and trading view tells me what’s happening because we can’t watch the trade daily, right?  We can record and leave but we can’t see the whole day.  S we place the alerts and leave it.  You also learn to place the alerts.  Look here, you can see the position.  

Future Content Teasers: Exploring US Market Trading and More

I bought USD/CHF 125 lot, quite limited quantity, I have a lot of money in the account.  I keep around $40k-50k but still we took 1.25 quantity, why?  Because we get more money by holding.  So you can see that the profit is around $340.  So now what?

What’s good about this trade?  In this trade, I have placed some alerts even in 30 min timeframes because when even that activates,  we will take this trade.  Now look what happens as we move on with this trade.

  Now we came to US trade.  I have made this as a separate video, US 500’s trade.  Leave it, consider as if it’s nothing.  Look, the target is about to hit nearly.  Bro we hit the target.  Now that the target hit, what happens?  I have to book my profit here.  I had 22 pips SL and 45 pips target around.  Now we will- it’s showing $600 profit through 1.25.  I have to cut this trade.  But according to me, I get one more opportunity here, how?

  I am not tell you this in a whim, the charts tell you this.  Now I will show you- we are holding this trade for now and I will take you to other timeframe.  Look in 30-min timeframe,  which was a very important resistance area- what a breakout appeared!  Such a bull candle! Big bullish candle.  broken by engulfing candle .

 Technical Analysis and Strategy: USD/CHF and USD/JPY Trade Analysis

So here, I feel that even though it’s a bit late, it’s 8pm,  but I will still try- It is going to be 7:30 PM, still I will try to hold this trade.  So what did I do here? Pyramiding.  I added one more trade and I thought of maybe holding this for swing,  which I changed later.  Now we will try this trade or 1:2- to drag it to 1:4.   So we begin our trade of 1:4.  Now look, what is the psychology? 

That the US pairs are going up.  One more entry is coming in USD/JPY.  Here also you can see that it goes down and gives a breakout upwards.  And when I take this to a smaller timeframe, I’ll give you a homework, ok?  I am taking you to 1 hr timeframe.  Now look, we have two technical qualities here-  one is inverted head and shoulder, then the other is breakout and retest.

 There is one more pattern, which pattern is it?  Double bottom? Flag and pole? Or ascending triangle?  Do tell in the comments if you see it.  There’s a pattern developing here, what did we do for that reason?  We made an entry here too,  USD/ – Now look, one of my trade USD/CHF is long,  second not going short.   Both appear long, so what did I do? I took the trade.  Now you will see that both –  two trades activated, one was already working for us.

 Broker Account Recommendations: Exness and CMS Prime

This one in 15-min timeframe, two more trades activated.   So now what? After placing alerts and all in the market, I analysed.   Analysed what? That somewhere our stock market is giving a breakout in all-time high and USD is falling.  USD is falling, it’s in all-time low. So the market is bullish now in stock market and USD is bearish in DXY.  So I can make a small profit.

 Small profit as in, this is a great profit bro.  Meaning the market has been ongoing since 6PM.  It’s around 9 pm, the market is going straight parabolic upwards.  So it’ll go like this itself, market will take a pullback for sure.  If the market takes a pullback,  then I’ll hit my SL in 30 min timeframe.  So what will I of here? I made a decision in the live market  which-Look, how well it’s going. 

 I opened a moving average and made a price action level.  Now, how much profit do we see here?  If we come here and look- Ok I will tell you that if you look at the screen I cut the 964 one.  Just as it gave a closing below the moving average, I cut it.  Which moving average do I use? 

Sometimes I use 9 EMA, sometimes in 13 EMA, sometimes I use 18 EMA.  I have been using these three EMA since the beginning.  When I should hold the target very tight, when I don’t want to drop it at all,  in options, I use 5 EMA.  Like, if I want to hold it but give it some space, then 9 EMA.

  Forex Funding Challenge: Opportunities for Traders

When I want the market to flow slowly, I use 18 EMA.  So you can do it like you wish.  Timeframe- whichever is your timeframe.   This is 15 min timeframe so I am doing 15.  Now look at this screen.  I got around $1k profit in USD/CHF.  Leave that, the American market.  And in one more I got $186 which I cut at breakeven USD/JPY.  Now, why did I cut it? I’ll talk to you.  So alright guys, what did you see? I initiated an intraday trade.  

After initiating the intraday trade I got swing, We entered that,  but you should know about the market conditions.  When we trade stock market, Nifty tries to make all time high where is dow jones  trying to high  Now we received a pullback in that too.  Our tock market went down, I earned money in put too.  I took the trade in puts, ok? So this is the screenshot, done.   Why did I earn this?

 There’s no big brains behind it.  It happened fast which was my luck.  That’s why it was easy, maybe it might have gone till next Tuesday, Wednesday, but it happened fast.   Now what? Whenever the market gives a strong uptrend, it falls.  We should not consider that as bearish, it’s pullback.  But what happened with USD? It fell and went up.  I thought, why should I risk my profit, leave it. 

I bought it there and booked.  Because the market might go down long term.  So what was the psychology here? You can take decisions in the market and you can change them if you are experience because  no one knows what will happen in the market, but what are you comfortable with?  I was not comfortable, so I cut that.  Secondly, you saw that patterns appear, it’s made everyday.

 We won’t get much money out of normal patterns.  Normal market consolidation, normal green. So a strong green candle was made.  How long did the market stop for? 120hrs in USD/CHF.  Thus we were able to earn money.  So I hope you understood how you could trade in all these things.  What do you need to trade in all these? 

Upcoming Content: Life Management and Psychology in Trading

You need technical skills, a good account- a good broker account, there are a lot of broker accounts in this world but I tell you what I use.  I use Exness and CMS Prime. Both are good accounts.  Everything is automated in Exness,  CMS is such a broker in which  whenever you add money, you get some bonus.  You can call them up and ask what offers are there.  You know, if you deposit $500, you get $50 free.   There are such things, you can use them too.

   Forex Trading You’ll get the link in the description.  Make sure-  And the wonderful thing is that we only have 10 days left till August 1st.  Forex funding challenge is running.  You will get $20000  You can win and take $1k accounts from me.  And after winning, whatever you earn there, 70% is yours and there’s not even Rs 1 as entry fee.  So I am adding the link to that funding challenge.  Look at the link, watch the video first for the funding challenge then you’ll understand, ok?

  Finally, you’ll get the link in the description. Now I will tell you one thing.  Do you see what I am wearing?  I am attending an event.  When I got some time, I came during the break and came to talk to you, and- What is the event? This event is about life.  This event is about your psychology.  How to improve your mindset, how to improve your skills?  How to become a better person and all that because you know, what is the asset for a trader? His capital? His laptop?

Forex Trading No, not the 6 screen setup.  His asset is his mindset.  So how to improve your mindset? It is very important to  learn psychology, to learn about human mind, and all that.  So I am learning that.  After learning it, a great content is coming for you in YouTube.  I have made a podcast named We Simplify  where I invite not big famous people but those around me who are smart, and make a video.  So those are also coming, life management related content,  technical content, business content, and I am making a program for you too.

 Conclusion: Exciting Plans and Encouragement to Subscribe

Forex Trading It’ll be for free in YouTube  but I have developed a great 3-day program, 4-day program, around my birthday  where you’ll get a chance to meet me.  There’s both offline event and online event.  So if you are excited then let me know.  Comment down in the chat button, tell me if you are excited about the life management event  where you’ll get to meet me offline and I can do it online too.  So I will upload that video too by Sunday or Monday.

  Are you excited? Let me know for that  Or are you not excited, “No sir, we are not excited in life management and all.  We just want technical content or like that”.  Is it like that? Tell me for sure.  So all those people whom you know as forex traders, if you know they try and face loss, small profits  and all only, please forward this video to them  so that it will help them too.  Because I am going to show you lot of such live trade videos, So subscribe too.  Thank you so much, I’ll meet you in some other video.  Bubye.  


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