Looking for No Loss Hack Quotex Trading Strategy? Zig Zag

Looking for No Loss Hack Quotex Trading Strategy? Zig Zag
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Trading Strategy I hope so yes that’s fine that’s fine that’s  fine that’s fine go back yeah just go back    that’s risky I mean that’s completely risky  hi guys my name is Anna and I am a Trader in    binary options and I want to tell you one  good news I have free telegram channels    absolutely free where I post signals and we can  actually trade together.

going to be proceeding to

Trading Strategy I’m just welcoming all    of you who are into it or interested to just  follow my links and find my telegram channels    to trade together hi guys here’s Miana right  here just the same don’t forget to check all    my links check my Telegram and don’t forget  to watch this video to learn something to    earn something and just get a go so just  going to be proceeding to all this setups    that we are just going to be making going  to be the starting point and one minute is    going to be our basis into well going to be  changing a little bit with these numbers

basis indicators

  biggest biggest tendence


   high volatility a little bit


 charts IND theato

Trading Strategy Chances for it and I think we got to stick to  the theory and we still moving right there with    this two charts IND theator actually that’s one  of the strategies that can actually work from a  distance that’s risky I mean that’s completely  risky because you may be correct about the    distance about the big tendency you got to be  all right but yeah oh look at that huge candle.

    but all these candles can actually ruin just  in a moment just in a second all that You’ been    playing that so this is yes look at this tiniest  in the most narrow calar channel that’s mean that    means we’re going to be changing that mean we  G to be changing so we gotta get yeah we got    to get for the and down for one the estimated  level kind of kind of low and that’s bad to    enter that low because it’s better when you get  downward it’s better to be as high as you can    but.

first    intention right there

   course this strategy

High I think we’re got to get down where after  that’s the long rising and my expectation that    we’re going to get because rsci a little bit  a little bit like closing and closing and Clos  and yeah you need to go bit downward  just for me just a little bit safely get  back  go and now K sh is giving us white wipes that  means we’re going to keep up with the tendency    and getting a little bit n now but I think it’s  going to be all fine go back yeah just go back  gonna raise.

  it GNA raise [Music] it okay  that’s gonna be the downward  one I think yeah we’re just gonna complete that  heel and right there I’m G say that zigzag is    kind of useful it’s helping us to see the tendency  not the candles because you might think that it’s    a lot of big tendences but it’s actually one big  tendance yeah we got to get downward and I hope    it’s going to be long long falling so we’re not  going to get back after and plus SCI being just    at the peak everything is kind of clear and nice  and of course this strategy is not for handling.

  isky  indicator guys

  It’s not to be used by maybe some newcomers  or to be handling kind of difficult situation    with the high stakes because you’re risking you  you have your guessing and you just you’re just    looking for some PS about your guessing but this  is a little bit this is a little bit risky yeah    that’s fine because zigzag and the C Channel  you know that’s like that is kind of risky  indicator guys we just done kind of like  that I don’t know I feel energized I feel .

   excited maybe that’s such a rare situation  when I have something new when I have like    oh my God that was nice and just right after  I have you know like the inspiration to make    more to try some indicators to try some  strategies like that and I just don’t feel    like I want to go home I’m just like I’m  G to try it I’m got to use it a little bit  [Music] more [Music] 


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