Market Manipulation: The HIDDEN Side of Trading (documentary)

Market Manipulation: The HIDDEN Side of Trading (documentary)
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Do you know why 90% of traders lose money when they trade stocks, Forex, or crypto? It’s not just because they suck at trading; the real reason is that the markets are manipulated against them. The market is designed in a way that only benefits the elites at the top. If you do not understand how they play the game, you will lose. If you can play by their rules, you can make massive profits and eventually become a top 1% trader. But first, you have to understand who the elites are that control the markets and how they manipulate them. These are the exact questions that will be answered in this video.”

“In 1910, on November 22nd to be exact, a few of the most powerful and richest men in the United States went off secretly to a private island off the coast of Georgia called The Jekyll Island. Senator Nelson Aldrich organized this meeting, keeping it a secret by telling the public they were going on a duck hunting trip. These men represented one-quarter of the world’s wealth at that time. The purpose of this secret meeting was to craft a plan for a new central bank in the United States, which would later be known as the Federal Reserve. This central banking system would go on to become the most important and powerful central bank in the world, with the power to move financial markets.”

The Movement of Stocks

Now, you might wonder, what does all this have to do with trading stocks, Forex, or crypto? They are all influenced by one thing: interest rates and the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve controls interest rates, impacting the movement of stocks, Forex, and even cryptocurrencies. Understanding the Federal Reserve’s role is crucial for traders because their decisions can significantly impact market movements.”

“Moving on to a more secretive group, the manipulators, there is a company called BlackRock that controls the markets and the world. BlackRock is the world’s largest asset manager with $10 trillion currently in its portfolio. They own a percentage of companies from every industry, making them one of the top shareholders of major companies on the stock exchange. They also have significant influence over governments, central banks, and even the Federal Reserve. BlackRock profits from wars and crises, and they have a disturbing level of control over the financial markets.”

“Additionally, there are hedge funds, known as the apex predators of Wall Street, that manipulate the stock market. They specialize in shorting companies to destroy them, making it their business model. One notable example is a billionaire investor and hedge fund manager who made $1 billion by shorting the Great Britain pound during the early 1990s recession. These hedge funds operate in the shadows, engineering outcomes to their advantage.”

George Soros

George Soros, a figure known by that name, believed that the British pound was overvalued. Consequently, he quietly initiated short positions. The government faced one of the most significant financial crises in history. Waves of selling hit the market, resulting in substantial losses for the Bank of England while speculators amassed fortunes.”

“To build up his short position, Soros and his hedge fund, Quantum Fund, borrowed pounds from various banks and hedge funds. On the night of September 16th, Soros sold the borrowed pounds for other currencies like the German Mark and US Dollars. This massive selling created a surge in demand for other currencies and a surplus of pounds, driving down the Pound’s value. Other traders, seeing this substantial short position, started panic selling. Despite the government’s efforts to prevent the crash, gbpusd fell by 25% over the next few days. Soros made over a billion dollars in profit, earning him the moniker ‘the man who broke the Bank of England.'”

“This story exemplifies what it takes to become a hedge fund manager. In this role, predicting the direction of stocks or currencies isn’t necessary. Instead, the focus is on identifying market opportunities and engineering outcomes in one’s favor. Market manipulation tactics employed by hedge funds often exploit basic human nature—fear and greed.”

“Jim Cramer, a former hedge fund manager and current host of CNBC’s ‘Mad Money,’ sheds light on how hedge funds operate. In an interview, he exposed tactics like layering, where fake orders are entered to mislead retail traders. Media manipulation is another common strategy, with hedge funds feeding fake news to influence stock prices. Cramer emphasizes the importance of understanding market mechanics over fundamentals, revealing the dark side of how hedge funds operate.”

Market Makers

Market makers, the individuals or institutions partnering with brokers to increase liquidity, play a crucial role. They ensure there is a market for assets, facilitating buying and selling for traders. However, market makers profit from retail traders’ losses through bid and ask spreads. Citadel Securities, a major market maker, is connected to hedge funds and manipulators, forming part of the intricate network influencing financial markets.”

“The makers employ various strategies, such as layering and bear or bull raiding, to manipulate markets. For instance, they exploit common retail trader behavior by triggering stop losses at specific price levels. This induces panic selling or buying, allowing the makers to profit from the ensuing market movements. Understanding these manipulative tactics is crucial for traders seeking to navigate and potentially profit in a market influenced by various powerful entities.”

In the Liberation series, my goal is to unwire your brain and reprogram it so that you can forget about the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from success. I aim to instill new beliefs that will make you a top 1% trader. In the next episode, I will expose the dark side of the trading industry, from illegitimate brokers to fake trading signals. These are the traps that most retail traders tend to fall into, so it is important that you understand them to avoid losing your hard-earned money.”

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“From the bottom of my heart, I genuinely want to see you succeed. It makes me happy whenever I see comments from you guys telling me that my free videos have made you a profitable trader, that you have managed to buy a new car because of my trading videos. That is why, in the third episode of The Liberation series, I will share with you the exact system I use that allowed me to finally break free from all this noise and make consistent profits from the market. This is where you finally step foot out of the losing phase and enter a new world of the one percenters. Even when everyone wants to see you fail, remember that I will always be rooting for you. Welcome to The Liberation, and I’ll see you in the second episode.


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