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Psychology of Forex Traders

.  Today I am going to tell you about 6 points  which will make your forex journey very smooth.  When some people enter to do forex traders,  they will be to themselves.  They will have their mobile and their money in their hands.  They think they can press any button as they wish.  And that they can use a lot of funds.  But they regret a lot later.  So, if we first learn it… This is a very important point.  Let us come straight to the point.  Point number 1: Overleveraging.  Do you know what happens? Forex is a margin game.  Like we put Rs.100,000 in demat account of stock market.  Then we can only use that Rs.  100,000. 

taking leverage

Forex Traders We can’t buy the option above Rs.  100,000 or Rs.  200,000.  What happens here?  We are taking leverage here.  Like in trade we get leverage in stocks etc.  Here if you put $100,  then even Exness will give a leverage of 1000 times.  If you take up a leverage of 1000 times,  I mean, multiply 100 with 1000  $100,000.  .  So, make sure you have an account.  You will get the link in description and comment box.  Open your account.  And if you have any problem related to Exness  then email us at That will help you.  Now point number 3:  Avoid small time frames.  There will be 6 hours in stock market. 

approximately around 300 candles

Forex Traders In which there will be 6 candles for 1 hour.  So, for 15 minutes, multiply it with 4.  There will be 24 candles.  How much will it be for 5 minutes?  72 candles.  We shall use 5 minutes.  But in forex,  the market will be open for 24 hours.  For 1 hour it is 24 candles.  For 15 minutes it will be 96 candles  and for 5 minutes it is approximately around 300 candles.  It will be around 1500 candles for 1 minute.  So 1 minute and 5 minute is very noisy with lot of distraction  and a nasty time frame.  You won’t understand anything special.  Try to focus on bigger timing.  Work on 15 minutes for a minimum.  I started doing it recently. 

funding challenge

Forex Traders I stopped watching for 5 minutes.  Since when I have shifted to 15 minutes,  there is improvement in both my win size and win rate.  So, I want you to try only 15 minutes,  one hour and sometimes 4 hour also just to check the trend  or the big levels.  I hope from the video you are watching  you must be having great fun and got something to learn.  I have very good information for you.  We have started a Rs. 10,000,000 funding challenge.  You can participate in this if you want, whether you do crypto trade,  you do gold trade or  forex traders or Dow Jones trade.  There will be price action and you can trade.  Don’t miss this video of Rs.  10,000,000  funding challenge.  Don’t miss it.  On Valentine’s day,  it will get closed.  Soon after seeing this video watch that video of funding challenge  so that you can apply for it  and register in it.

basically a privilege

  I will give the link for it in the description box.  So now let’s continue this video.  Point number 4: You can set stop loss and target in the system.  What do you do in forex?  You set the stop loss in the system.  For option trader, this is basically a privilege  that you already know the stop loss number and target number.  There will be a change in the option.  So, the stop loss number keeps changing  and target number.  That doesn’t happen here.  It will be fixed here.  In this we will put the stop loss in the system  Put the target also and just forget it.  Don’t see your trade.

  Exness and in trading

Watch movies,  watch Instagram, read books and go out somewhere.  Your business will be done.  It’s an amazing thing if you learn like that.  This is an opportunity.  Whenever you do forex trading…  Whenever you see the trading chart then you can see a different broker.  In Exness, there will be a different number of each and everybody.  For the stop loss here,  you have to follow the number shown in the Exness chart.  You know above which and below which candle you must put the stop loss.  The number above the same candle  will be different in Exness and in trading.  You must choose the Exness number and move two numbers ahead.  Don’t be close-fisted with stop loss.  Point number 5: Events. Events is such a dangerous thing  which is very… You will have a problem if you don’t know it.  I was talking about stop loss.  About 2 to 3 days ago, I bought a trade in gold.

  Crude oil is amazing

money from job, earn from business  and get money from home and make a loss in gold.  Why don’t you try a new alternative?  Like crude oil. Crude oil is amazing.  It is going on very well.  I am doing trading for the past 2 to 3 months.  Best win rate and best win size.  US 30, trade on Dow Jones.  Many people like it.  Trying feeding pairs USD/JPY and EUR/JPY.  If you are successful in gold then don’t stop, please do gold trading.  But don’t get stuck.  People get stuck because of the fear as they can’t do it.  So, I want you to explore new options.

forex traders worldwide

So, you will get all this in Exness app.  All these options.  When you see the watch list, you will get to see everything.  I made a video of forex trading for forex traders worldwide who talk in Hindi.  If you are watching this video then give a like.  If you give a like to this video  and if there are 10,000 likes for this video,  then I will make another video of psychology of forex  which will take you to an advanced level.  So, let’s see you in the next video.  Guys, this is very important,  there are many forex traders. You all have not subscribed.  50 percent of the people have not subscribed.  They forgot to do it.  So first click on subscribe button and click on bell notification icon button.  You will get that video soon.  I will meet you in another video.  Thank you so much.  


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