Share Market SCAM | Exposed By Sandeep Maheshwari

Share Market SCAM | Exposed By Sandeep Maheshwari
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long term investing

Market How should we look at the share market? There is  an intraday market, there is an option  chain and there is also an investing channel, so right  now we are investing but I really  feel like going into intraday. If you  ask me, I will say.  Now I am not saying that do long term investing,  everything else is wrong, this is my own opinion  sir, like we see videos of  intraday  which often go on Instagram,  learn for 2 years, go to college and  then you will start your practice such an  engine.

 useless  thing

Market It happens in the ring, it happens in CA  but does it happen here  sir, my own personal experience is  that I traded in Bank Nifty and Nifty,  that was my first profit  and a greed comes inside you  after that.  After that, I started taking losses quickly, sometimes I was getting a  loss of Rs 8000 and sometimes I was  getting something, after a loss of Rs 35000, I  understood that this was not for me  because I did not have the knowledge about it, then  I started investing and today  I am  so loud about this thing that my  portfolio is very good and I would  tell everyone that please invest and  not trading because it is a very useless  thing  

Sir, I  think that intraday is not a useless thing,  even if there is a lack of experience. Both of you stand up,  give one mic to both of them, just do  not throw the mic on each other, you do  not have to do anything, rest you are verbs. 

meaning of risk capital 

Market but  There is a chance that we can see in the future  that there is an option if you have risk  capital. You will have to do  what I said a little while ago that  in any other field you first spend four-five years,  take a degree,  take a diploma, then start working, still after that there  is an internship, even after that  first you are a junior.  You start from the level and  then what kind of level do you reach when you  actually start working i.e.  first you learn a work for 5-10 years  and then money starts coming from there.  What is the problem here that you have    only YouTube0. 

keep learning,

Why are they not selling them  because they have 10 billion dollars in their bank account?    Why would he  sell a course worth Rs 10000? First of all, if you don’t want to learn, have you  taken an oath or not brother, we will keep learning, there  is no money but we will  keep learning what happens, so brother,  books of such people come for Rs 200-300.  If you see historically, in the last 20-30 years, there are    very few people who have actually earned money in this.

making money by teaching you

There are only a few in the whole world  and they have books, so  read those books.  You did a job somewhere and earned a lot of money,  10-20 lakh rupees.      When you learn from the right place, then  enter into it thinking that there is a 99%  chance that you will lose money, so be ready for it.

  successful intraday  traders

Stay and to invest money, one must first have  money, so  many  people who enter into this stock market trading, they  buy this -2 Haj course  from people who do not know anything themselves,  they arrange only -200 with difficulty. Now brother, I have to invest money to earn money.  CAGR  at around 20. All the    successful intraday  traders at around 20. If you  look at their network,

compounded annual growth rate

it is not as much as Buffett’s  but believe that their time has also reduced, so  in the year 2030, in 40 years, they  Generate a  compounded annual growth rate of close to around  20 per cent to 40 per cent then take the  average. At 30 per cent you can expect to get a  30 per year in the best case scenario.  What is the worst case scenario  that you will invest the money in?    There they  got your data. If they had to buy it, it would have cost them  money. Once they have your  data, they will keep selling you something or the other  and their mind will be on  how to sell you again and again.

  sold to you after understanding 

First step.  Then in the second  step I will say that okay now if you want to  do this actually, what we  taught you here was of basic level, now join this  advanced level and then you will get access to this, then  you will get this live session of mine,  then you will get this and then that.  For that you will get 00  and two, then now 200 Hajj and two, then 500 and  two, then one lakh and two. Now whose money is this? These are the  school and college children,  where is the money of their parents coming from? 

00 in the bank itself

10 years 20  After working hard for 30 years, if you have to sum up the inner  nut shell of whatever I have said till now, then what is it  that if you have to  do all this then there is no harm in doing it  when you have lakhs of rupees in the bank because only then  it has no meaning.  It makes sense if there  is only Rs 00 in the bank itself then it does not make any sense,  now I have calculated and  told you that even if it came to 40, it came to Rs 8000 in a year,  no one became a millionaire from that.

your own business

You yes, there is  Rs 10 lakh in the bank and then it came to 40.  That is, if you get Rs 4  lakh in one year, it becomes Rs 10 lakh, it becomes Rs 14  lakh. By doing this, you can pay more in 20 years, in the next 5, 10 years,  but there is  no magic going to happen there, but this  is not the only way, long term investing.  You  can also come through this, you can also come by doing your own business, there  is a way of doing it, this is not  the only option, as they are showing you, there are many other  options which are much better than this,  where the risk is less and the return is less.  There is a  high possibility of coming    


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