Stake $1 to $100 ūü§© SUPERTREND Indicator Trading Strategy

Stake $1 to $100 ūü§© SUPERTREND Indicator Trading Strategy
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 strategy of Vortex  indicator

strategy hello everyone my name is Evelyn and  welcome in this video I want to talk  about new really good strategy that you  will definitely like and that will  definitely bring you really good amount  of money this is easy strategy of Vortex  indicator but guys before I start  subscribe to my YouTube channel and also  I invite you to my free VIP channel on  my telegram that rep post daily signals  five times a day with win rate of 89%  and moreover in the end of this video.


an indicator clicking

Strategy oh my¬† God I have a te¬† here all right guys yeah so you can um¬† you can change all the colors so it’s¬† absolutely up to you and how um how we¬† actually use this indicator so now let’s¬† get to our smart trade account and I¬† will set an indicator clicking on this¬† button right here we have to write¬† Vortex you can see it and I will combine¬† it with an EMA indicator but I will um¬† today I will talk about mostly Vortex¬† indicator but just for uh for me I want¬† to use EMA indicator too and I will set¬† this to yellow color so now let’s talk¬† about Vortex indicator more more closely.

 some kind of confirmation

Strategy so we see here two lines but first of¬† all how to understand understand where¬† is this positive line where is this¬† negative line so we will if we will¬† click on this button right here we will¬† see settings and we can see here so it’s¬† plus which is blue line here and minus¬†.

just crossed right.

Strategy it is red line but of course once again¬† you can change all the colors so but the¬† most important thing is that you have to¬† understand what’s going on and uh yeah¬† that’s it so we have to look at uh few¬† moments guys and as I’m saying in every¬† video of mine we always have to wait for¬† some kind of confirmation but what do we¬† have to wait for example here we can see¬† that this two lines positive and¬† negative right now they are about¬† to um cross and they just crossed right.

¬† see that it’s¬† growing

strategy now so real funds growing and actually¬† when you understand that you can¬† withdraw them and just I don’t know¬† spend them on something that you really¬† wanted why not okay we have 5 seconds¬† left please don’t fall¬† down yes once again¬† $600¬† guys¬† now okay I will go for 30¬† seconds two one and yes okay we did it¬† so¬† $200 $200 this is good this is¬† awesome and okay now I want to go down¬† even that even that we see that it’s¬† growing I mean the Scandal is going up .

working with Vortex indicator

strategy I¬† hope that it will fall¬† don’t grow yes we won so but I just saw¬† this positive movement up and that was¬† my signal why I should go down okay so¬† in this uh working with Vortex indicator¬† we should work uh we should think a¬† little bit like in opposite way I know¬† it’s not that simple but we can we can¬† do it and of course it it doesn’t work¬† all the time okay so we just have to pay¬† attention to what is really going on we¬† have to analyze we have to look at what¬† was happening before this is really¬† important¬† okay let’s give it a try let’s go just¬† up but.

extremely honestly

I really hope it¬† works just H I went out because I saw¬† this pick and um this is why I decided¬† to go up and I see this one is good yes¬† we did it now I opened second trade¬† come¬† on¬† no okay started to fall started to fall¬† and maybe we should try it on 5 Seconds¬† now just right now I don’t know I don’t¬† know yes we did it we did it that was¬† extremely that was extremely honestly¬† but we did it and this is¬† awesome¬† and second time this is just perfect all¬† right guys so um I hope that it was¬† really helpful and useful for you as.

absolutely interested


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