The 1HR Price Action Trading Strategy That I Trade Every Week

The 1HR Price Action Trading Strategy That I Trade Every Week
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Trading strategy

Dude it’s 2023 if you do not have a  rules-based trading strategy that has  proven to be profitable over time by now  then you’re really missing out and we  got to fix that so in this video I’ll be  teaching you a one hour trading strategy  that just uses price action and that I  use every single week this is a strategy  I’ve used for over eight years and has  proven to be extremely profitable for me.


I truly believe that it can be that  extra push you need to start to create  success in your own trading as well so  if that sounds good go ahead and click  that like button for me go ahead and  subscribe if you are new and I’ll be  right back to teach you the one hour  price action trading strategy that I’ve  used for over eight years  foreign welcome back and the first thing we’re  going to do is go through the strategy  itself after that we’ll do a brief  lesson on patience and preparing for  your next trade after that we’re gonna  do a brief lesson on consistency and at  the end of the video.

Trading opportunities

I’m going to be  sharing with you the top five trading  opportunities I’m looking at for the  rest of this week and going into next  week so be sure to stick around for that  right now though let’s dive into the  strategy so this may be review for some  of you but for those of you who are  brand new pay attention any strategy  that you create or use needs to have  something I call  c-e-s-t now this is just what the  strategy is made out of the C here  stands for conditions these are the  conditions


I  call c-e-s-t so that’s how we’re gonna  be breaking this strategy down starting  with what we’re starting with C for  those of you who are veterans of the  channel you know that I really rely on  horizontal levels of major support and  resistance throughout a majority of my  trading strategies so this strategy is  no different we’re gonna be using two  time frames the first time frame we’re  gonna look at is actually the four hour  chart we’re trading down the one hour  what I want to see on the four hour  chart is a major level of structure now  I have rules for this and these rules  consist of the major level of structure  I’m looking at must be a recent level 


Entering this phase with the price, considerable patience becomes paramount. Professional trading is synonymous with the ability to patiently await opportune moments. Before exercising this patience, however, a crucial precursor is being thoroughly prepared for potential movements, particularly when prices approach a region deemed valuable—such as a significant level of support or resistance.

The first condition necessitates waiting for the price to reach a major structural level identified on the four-hour chart. An essential lesson in this context is cultivating the patience to await the arrival of prices at these critical levels. Simultaneously, it’s imperative to be well-prepared for such price movements.

With the first condition met, having identified a major structural level on the four-hour chart, the subsequent step involves transitioning to the one-hour chart. Here, the focus shifts to waiting for the price to interact with the designated area previously marked on the four-hour chart. Let’s observe the price action within this designated zone.

As we observe the price within this targeted level, we segue into the second condition of the strategy: anticipating a double bottom formation.


Moving on to stops and targets, I use one times the ATR indicator below the double bottom’s swing low. The ATR helps align with market volatility. For targets, I use a 1.4 to 1 risk-reward ratio. 

I sent this trade analysis to TTC Forex University members, and I also executed the trade live. The price did move up, hitting the target. This strategy, which I’ve used for over eight years, emphasizes consistency. Using consistent strategies is crucial for long-term profitability.

Now, let’s explore the top five trading opportunities using the same strategy. The first pair is the pound/dollar. We observe a one-two-three move indicating a potential reversal.  Moving to the one-hour chart, we wait for a double bottom and a candlestick pattern for a buy entry.

Next is the Euro/Canada. We identify a resistance level that needs testing multiple times. On the one-hour chart, we await a double top and a Candlestick pattern for a potential sell trade.

The dollar/Canada is another opportunity. We prepare for a breakout of a resistance level, anticipating a pullback for a double bottom entry.


Remember, preparation is essential, and consistent application of a proven strategy is key to long-term success in trading.”

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