The Best Prop Firm Traders Trade Live

The Best Prop Firm Traders Trade Live
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The Best Trader

This is Trader Wars, where traders from all over the world compete to determine the best trader. Two teams face off in a series of challenges to test their patience, discipline, and skill. The winning team will be awarded $1 million, and each trader has a 5% daily drawdown limit.

The teams, SFT and TFT, are currently on the trading floor in Dubai, ready to take on the challenges. Each trader can decide how they want to risk their trades, with the goal of making the most profit. The challenge is to navigate through the market with a maximum 5% drawdown.

The team captains, Kyle from SFT and Greco from TFT, lead their respective teams into the competition. Each team has its unique style and approach to trading, adding an element of unpredictability to the competition.

The rules are simple: the team with the highest balance at the end of the trading session wins. The traders are actively engaging in the market, making decisions based on their strategies and market analysis. Emotions are running high as each trader strives to outperform the others.

There are individual traders from each team with their own strategies and risk management plans. Greco, known for his unique style, is identified as a wild card in the competition. The intensity and competition are palpable as the traders make real-time decisions to stay within the 5% drawdown limit while aiming for maximum profits.

As the competition unfolds, traders from both teams face challenges and successes. Greco, in particular, is highlighted for either making significant profits or risking blowing the entire account. The narrative builds as the teams battle it out, with each trader contributing to the overall performance of their team.

The narration captures the dynamic and competitive atmosphere of the Trader Wars, emphasizing the individual decisions and strategies that traders employ to navigate the challenges presented during the competition


It has not been a good day. As I mentioned in the first part of the interview, I predicted that Kimo would blow his account. That’s how I make my money—doing the opposite of what he does. It’s an easy recipe for success. Nico from TFT is currently going full margin with 80 lots on a 100K account, making it tough. We’ll see what happens in the next 30 minutes; it will determine a lot. Despite their efforts, TFT is struggling, and I believe we have it in the bag.

Currently, we are in opposing trades; I’m shorting AU while buying AU. It’s a risky move, but I’m confident. I believe in my strategy and decision-making. In the next 10 minutes, I anticipate being in profit while my counterpart might end up with no trades. It’s all about confidence and strategy.

We had some breaches on the TFT side, but on our side, we are still holding strong. Kyle, the captain of SFT, breached, but we are still up. It’s a sacrifice for the greater good. There were discussions and doubts, but the reality is that we are in a good position.

As the final 10 minutes approach, emotions are running high. The reality of the market sets in, and some traders are showing signs of panic. I remain confident in our strategy and approach. Meanwhile, on the TFT side, there are accounts blowing, and emotions are visible.

In the last few minutes, the tension rises. I stick to my strategy, holding my ground. There’s a sense of victory as the final moments unfold. Kyle’s account blew, but we managed to secure the win in the last seconds. It’s a moment of triumph for SFT.

In the end, the final score shows TFT with a total loss of $1,323, while SFT boasts a total win of $956,000 in total challenges. It was a rollercoaster ride from boxing to golf and finally, the trading floor in Dubai. The Trade Wars Series Season 1 has come to an end, leaving us to reflect on the challenges and victories. The future holds more possibilities for challenges, and the audience is invited to share their thoughts on what they’d like to see in future seasons. The support is appreciated, and the journey continues until next time.


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