Trading From $0 To $100.000 In 90 Days on Top Trader

Trading From $0 To $100.000 In 90 Days on Top Trader
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Trading Community

The statement that 93% of all traders lose money is a sentiment echoed by many in the top trader community.

To address this, an ambitious project is introduced – the “Next Top Trader.” This program aims to transform 12 starting and struggling traders into professional traders within 90 days.

The program includes rigorous training, examinations, and evaluations, with a strong emphasis on mindset, discipline, and skill development. The goal is not only to teach theoretical concepts but to cultivate a winning mindset and discipline necessary for success in trading.

Next top Trader

The competition intensifies as the traders face tests, exams, and daily vlogs to document their progress.

The program’s founders emphasize the importance of going all-in and acknowledge that the journey will be demanding. The scoring system includes assessments of mindset, discipline, skill level, and knowledge of financial markets. The ultimate prize for the “Next Top Trader” is a trip to Dubai.

The program seeks to challenge the conventional perception of a high failure rate in trading and aims to turn the odds in favor of the participants through focused training and development.

Professional Trader

Congratulations to all the traders who successfully completed the 90-day challenge! The journey from complete beginners to professional traders is undoubtedly an intense one, filled with learning, challenges, and achievements.

Throughout the challenge, traders faced exams, simulations, and real market experiences.

The emphasis on mindset, discipline, and consistent daily actions contributed to their overall success.

Geopolitical Events

The geopolitical events, such as the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, added a layer of complexity to the trading environment, highlighting the real-world impact of global events on financial markets.

The announcement was a culmination of hard work, dedication, and the ability to adapt to the dynamic nature of the financial markets.

This 90-day challenge not only transformed the participants into funded traders but also showcased the power of a focused and disciplined approach to trading. The traders’ achievements stand as a testament to the effectiveness of the training program and the commitment of the individuals involved.


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