Watch this IF YOU WANT to be a TRADER

Watch this IF YOU WANT to be a TRADER
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biggest  mistakes that traders

[Music]  What’s up guys and welcome to a new  video I don’t know how many of you know me but  I started training 5 years ago  and I also come from middle class  family I think I started with around 8000 and  today two  It’s been years since I  lived in Dubai. If you are a teenager watching this  video and even you want to become a trader then  today I am going to share the biggest  mistakes that traders make and that  you should avoid as a trader.

trader clubbed that money

trader I will tell you  mine.  A little story, I was one, I was 16,  when I was 16 years old, today I am 21, I had  000, it was my savings, my  brother had 000 and we both  clubbed that money, I started trading with 000.  And like you, I also used to  think that from Rs 14000, I will turn into Rs 10 lakh-15 lakh and I will learn  trading for one year  and my income will start coming consistently, 

trading and learn

trader but let me tell you guys, it does not  happen because if it was possible then  I would have got five  It does not take years.  All the successful traders you see  take three to five years to become profitable  and get consistent income. So if you  think that I will give one year to trading and learn it,  then it is not going to happen because it is not so.

  consistent income

trader It  happens because if you think about it, you have  given 10 years, 12 years, 15 years to your  profession, whether it is engineering, doctor, lawyer, what ever it is, and  then after that,  your consistent income has started, but  in trading, for some reason, people  They think  that I will invest a small amount in one or two  years, I will learn my skills and  then my consistent income will start coming  and the most funny part is that people  think that from 101 Hajj you will earn 10-15 lakhs,  it does not happen.  Hey guys and this was  one misconception that I had when I was  starting I thought this and then later the  market taught me so what ever I am  sharing with you is my five  years of experience and all these things.

smoother and trust

thought or good feeling

There  is no end capital, there is learning, it will  take time, it will  take time to become profitable, so I am sure you must be thinking  that if I do it, what should I do and what I am going to  tell you, if you follow that thing.  Trading will become much  smoother and trust me maybe what I  say will not give you good thought or good feeling but it is the truth because you have to understand    if you are young, if you are  16, if you are 17 then what are you doing.

 Trading is a profession

Get Money Right Now What are you doing to get the  cash in right now because you have to understand guys  Trading is a profession  where you will need money because  first of all when you  start, in the first year you only  And you  will only make a loss, so if you are thinking that I have Rs  50000, I have Rs 1 lakh and  I will increase the capital by increasing it,  trust me, this is not going to happen, if you  have Rs 1 lakh then you will lose at least Rs 50000.  You have to  do it if you like it or not otherwise you  believe me don’t try it yourself and you will find out because I have been through  this  journey myself and I have a  community of traders of 2000 people so I  have helped 2000 traders go .

come generate cash

Through The Same  Journey So By The Way If Your Not Part Of The  Community The Link Will Be In The  Description But Guy Trust Me Don’t Waste So Much  Money So The First Thing That You Should Do If You  Want To Be A Trader Start With A  Small  Capital and starting with small capital  you get used to the market conditions  because that is something that will help you understand how  things work  second most important thing come generate cash  flow what are you doing to get money right now  because  Weather you like it or not guys,  trading is a profession where you will  need money and will keep needing it, so  if you have only a small amount of  capital or a fixed amount of  capital and you are not able to generate money from anywhere else.

 build a consistent

Trading is going to be very  stressful for you because  if that money gets wiped out, you will  be nowhere. Trust me, so if you  want to start trading or  are even thinking of becoming a trader, the best thing you  can do.  Maybe first build a consistent  income source, I also did the same because  if you know my story, I first  started as a fitness influencer,  Account gets blown, so  if you have taken care of all these things, then      you can become a consistent and  successful trader in just a little matter of time and trust  me guy. 

A Successful Trader

I should also become a trader like this but the  difference is that I  made a lot of mistakes in all these things, I  mean a lot of things, I blocked accounts,  I lost money, I lost money by taking money from others  and so when you do  not have an income source.  So you become forced to  take money from others which is a  big mistake, so  if you avoid all these things and just remain patient because  trust me guys 97 of the  people 97 of the population in the world. 

Right Mindset 

They  Want Instant  Gratefully Grateful For You Have Taken Care  So I Am Sure With The  Right People With The Right Mindset  And With The Right Community And With The Right  Support You Will Become A Successful Trader So  I Hope This Video Help You Guys Thank You  So Much For  Watching I Hope To See You In Dubai  Suite  


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